Google Chrome and the Microsoft Edge web browser are both based on Chrome’s source code. Edge is now much better, with a tonne of useful features that Chrome doesn’t have.
Eight compelling reasons why you should stop using Chrome and use Edge instead.

why use edge instead of chrome

why use edge instead of chrome
why use edge instead of chrome


Vertical Tabs 

Unlike Chrome, Microsoft Edge allows you to arrange the tabs on the left side of the browser window instead of the top with a feature called vertical tabs. For those of you who keep a lot of tabs open, don’t lose sight of the page titles, especially if you have 10 or more tabs open at once to activate vertical tabs Select the Beginning Enable Vertical Tabs option from the tab actions menu in the top left corner. This can feel awkward, but over time you may not want to switch back. You get all this space to display the titles of the pages to regain some of your screen space Click the arrow to collapse the panel when you don’t need it. Hover your cursor over the panel to quickly see your open tabs.

Handy Tab Options

Speaking of tabs, let’s go over a few more useful features that can save you time that Chrome doesn’t have. By selecting search tabs, you can quickly find the words and titles of the tabs you’ve opened along with the tabs you’ve recently closed. Let’s close this In addition, while with Chrome you can easily open the last closed tab, only the border on the other side gives you a full list to choose from of tabs you have closed. To do this, click on the tab actions menu and select recently closed tabs. You will see a full list under recently closed; select not available, which offers a reading mode.

To enable reader mode, click on the immersive reader icon in the address bar. This will give you a cleaner layout by removing the ads, popups, and other distractions. There are a lot of settings for you to play with. You can change the text size, font, and column style, and you can change the theme. Selecting more themes gives you almost two dozen to play with. I prefer dark grey. There are also settings in grammar tools and reading preferences you can change. The reading function is pretty good. I’ll give you an example, smaller than the smallest remote-controlled walking robot ever, an enlarged view of the little scratching robot standing on the edge of a coin when you click here  On the right side, you can adjust the reading speed and choose a voice, with a huge selection of voices to choose from in different languages.

Improved performance settings

Edge has built-in performance improvements that are not available with Chrome. I’ll show you the main settings you need to change to get the most out of using Edge. In the top right corner, select the menu icon and go to Settings in the left pane Enable boot boost to shorten the time it takes for the browser to load by reserving a small amount of memory for the browsing process while it runs in the background for optimized performance. To reduce CPU load, enable efficiency mode. If you play games on your PC, enable the option below to improve your gaming experience and use less system RAM. Enable resource-saving with sleep tabs. This saves system resources by putting inactive tabs to sleep after a certain time.


Edge has a cool feature called Collections, which is useful when doing online research to store information gathered from the internet in groups. In other words, it is a more advanced bookmarking tool to access collections Go to the toolbar at the top and click the collection icon to add a new group. Select “Start New Collection. Give it a name. We will call this metaverse. Below that, you can add the current page Another way to add a page to a group is to right-click anywhere on the page, scroll down to add a page to collections and select your group.

Edge bar

An edge bar is a handy tool not found in Chrome to quickly access the Microsoft News Feed, Outlook, and links to other sites you add. It is very similar to the sidebar in the Vivaldi browser to launch it To add a website to the edge bar, click the settings icon to access more tools and then select Launch Page Bar. Select the plus sign. Enter the web address, enter a name for it if you want, and click Add, and there it is. Even when you close the edge, the bar will stay on your desktop for access anytime If you want the edge bar to start automatically when your computer starts, click the Settings icon and more and select Settings to automatically enable the edge bar when the computer starts up.

More privacy

Microsoft probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of privacy, but compared to Chrome Edge, it offers more privacy, including blocking third-party cookies that track you from site to site as you browse the web to maintain privacy. For settings to be adjusted, click the menu icon in the top right corner and select settings with the privacy tab selected You will see the three levels of tracking prevention on the right: basic, balanced, and strict. I usually balance this so all websites work correctly under click-on-block trackers. You can see which sites are blocked from tracking. You just have it out of balance. This tracking prevention has blocked more than 6000 trackers.

Web recording

Outside of Chrome’s hidden developer tools and experimental features, Chrome doesn’t have a good screenshot tool edge, and they call their feature “web capture” to use If you click the web capture icon in the top right corner, you have two options The capture area lets you select a specific area When you release it, you can copy it to your clipboard and paste it wherever you want. Capturing the marker gives you a drawing tool and an eraser. From here, you can also copy it, share it with others on your clipboard, and save it to your computer. The other screenshot option allows you to capture the entire page by clicking on it. The whole page will be captured from top to bottom. Here you have the same formatting tools and the other stuff mentioned earlier.
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why use edge instead of chrome
why use edge instead of chrome

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