I get asked all the time what’s the best Niche to start a new blog in and whenever I do a YouTube live I get asked what do you think about this Niche what do you think about that Niche what do you think about the next one so today what I’m going to do is I’m going to walk you through 10 of my favorite niches for 2022 and explain why so you can apply the same principles to whatever niches you’re considering.


Top 10 niche blog ideas for 2022
Top 10 niche blog ideas for 2022


10 = 1,000 + AUTHORITY

this is actually a lot more than 10 niches the reason for that is every Niche I’m going to give you is going to be near the top of what I think is actually a tree full of different Niche possibilities let me show you what I’m talking about for every idea in this video there’s a whole series of branches of additional ideas that are taking that and niching down a little bit more and in most cases that little sub Niche is going to be a better Niche to start in than the overall high level one and in a lot of cases taking one of those branches and picking up one of its offshoots is even going to be more beneficial than the main topic the reason for that is in order to be successful online in a brand new website we need to be able to establish some Authority within our space and it’s hard to build Authority on a really high level topic it’s easier to create Authority on these smaller topics because if you think about it if I wrote 100 posts on the high level topic I might only end up with 10 posts on each of these smaller tier one topics whereas instead I could write 100 posts on one of those tier one topics now I’m not getting specifics here because how many levels you should go down depends a ton on the niche so let’s dive into the different Niche ideas and talk about how this is going to apply


for these first few niches we’re going to choose topics that are generally still a bit underserved on the web it may seem like there’s nothing that’s underserved on the web but this is what these all have in common the very first one DIY fashion or style now notice this isn’t the high level topic of just fashion right we’ve already niched down to DIY doing it yourself and so rather than you know writing about the latest the latest products we’re going to be writing about the latest Styles and then how to recreate some of those Styles yourself rather than having to pay for overpriced clothes but within this we need to Niche down a bit further DIY fashion and style alone is still very very Broad and for the most part people aren’t going to want to necessarily go to one place or have one person treat themselves as an authority on all types of fashion and style so I would Niche down to a particular genre a particular type of fashion and I would follow that one thing about this Niche is that it’s not going to be totally Evergreen obviously fashion and styles do changeover time you are going to need to be crafting new content but I think that there’s plenty of space for this type of a Blog and if it’s something that you’re into I think it could be a ton of fun to produce this kind of content you’re going to be able to earn great income through ads through affiliate I could see people wanting to sponsor products on your website because even when you’re doing it yourself there are products obviously that you’re going to need to promote for people they’re going to need to buy something and so promote the right products help people save some money but help them create awesome style for our next one we’re going to go with sewing that’s right sewing now here’s why I love the idea of sewing for a niche obviously it’s super super high-level and we’re probably going to want to Niche down and pick some type of sewing I don’t know if it’s modifying of clothing I don’t know if it’s just general sewing skills it could be costume sewing and making all sorts of areas we could go into with sewing but here’s why I’m so excited check out this Google Trends graph what you’re seeing is a bottom line that is scrapbooking now scrapbooking is a niche that I know there’s still enough people looking into it that I would feel fairly comfortable creating a Blog then the next lineup is Quilting I happen to know for certain there’s a there’s enough people that are searching for information on that there’s enough people into that hobby to absolutely be able to make multiple Niche websites all about it but then look at the one above it that line is sewing now obviously sewing is a topic is going to have a ton of information about it and therefore just loads and loads and loads of search queries I mean even people that are into quilting sewing is going to be a piece of that however we know that it’s super huge tons of people looking into this and searching the web that tells me that there have got to be loads and loads and loads of potential cracks in this Niche that are just not being filled there’s nobody creating exactly the right content this is a niche that would be supplemented really well by a YouTube channel or at least an Instagram where obviously you can post pictures of what you’re creating but also do short little tutorial videos how-to content is going more and more to video and so if I were going to do an Instagram I would also want to supplement that with a YouTube channel even if I’m posting the same videos on both platforms Google owns YouTube and so if Google can feature a YouTube video in the search results they often will our next Niche is local businesses now this makes the most sense if you already have a local business or if you can support a local business that you can have an arrangement with to do their marketing for a fee you could make great amount of income from this and really blow up their business and here’s why most local businesses are still relying on paid ads and just technicalSEO to try to rank but technical SEO on most local small business websites is only going to help them to rank for maybe a couple of different searches but if you can create location-based content for search queries that people are searching around that local business you can now use content marketing to your benefit you can start ranking content on every keyword imaginable every possible topic that people in your area are searching and you can dominate in the local search game driving tons and tons of traffic without having to pay for single ad ever again so if you have that opportunity you either have a local business or you could partner with local businesses to be able to supply them with leads and provide them with good marketing maybe even sponsorships placements of their business on your local based website you’re going to be able to make a great income from this kind of site and it’s dramatically underserved and that brings me to this next topic this is location based content now I just talked about a local business and crafting a lot of content around whatever that business is whatever that industry is but here I’m talking about writing content about a location and then using that to serve the local businesses and organizations in your area now imagine this if you happen to live in a metropolitan area that’s growing for instance you have people moving in all the time I know we certainly do here in Idaho loads of people coming to where we live today we know the area so well if you can create content for those people that are either moving into the area or have moved in to the area answering all their questions you’re going to be able to get a ton of traffic especially because nobody else is doing a very good job of this now then think about what you could do with that we just talked about how all the local businesses and organizations are usually relying on outdated tactics to try to drive traffic to their websites if they even have a website now you get to be the person who drives the traffic where you want to drive the traffic partner with different businesses with different organizations local government all sorts of different organizations to be their marketing arm and that way whenever they have an event whenever they have something that they want to promote if they have a product if they have some kind of initiative they’re trying to drive whatever it is that’s local based now you rank on the web for all of these things that people are searching about in your local area the competition for this is extremely low and the opportunity is massive not to mention that traditional affiliate marketing as well as advertising is going to work just fine on this type of a website alright


for these next few niches we’re going to move into another different category of big opportunities and this category is Trends or movements things that are happening in the world that aren’t just overnight flash successes but rather General movements and general trends that we can start to take advantage of so our next topic is real estate specifically the local real estate search queries now there are a lot of websites out there that talk about real estate from a financials and point just answering generic real estate related questions but along the same lines as these previous two there are so many opportunities within real estate that are completely missed because the search queries are area based or location based if I were a real estate agent today I would absolutely be creating a lot of content about real estate in my general area the different neighborhoods the different schools that are available to them schools of choice within an area here in Idaho we have a lot of charter schools and other schools of choice that are funded through the public education system I would blog about the things that are up and coming in the area the parts of the area that might be less expensive today but that the growth in that area is starting to pick up so if you want to move in there you can save a little bit of money and before you know it you’ll have all the amenities that are available to the rest of town this is a huge opportunity and usually the realtor that have been around the longest and that have been the most successful are the ones that are also ranking really well in local search but most of them are missing out on this opportunity for Content marketing they’re relying on paid ads and they’re relying on technical SEO to rank for real estate agent near me but most of them are not ranking for them altitude of questions that people are searching on Google this next Trend or movement idea is prepping now there are a lot of different angles to take within the prepping space but what we’re seeing is as there’s kind of more and more turmoil and upheaval in the world today which comes in Cycles this has happened many times before but as we see these things happening as we see political unrest as we see just uncertainty in general more and more people wanting to be prepared for whatever they think might come there are different levels of this there’s you know all out world is going to end kind of stuff you know zombie apocalypse kind of prepping and then there’s just general prepared goodness and So within that I think there are a lot of those different branches that you could go down and even within that space there are so many different areas to cover find your Niche within that that’s a trend that has been coming for a long time and continues to grow our next trend is work from home now this is something that was trending upward for a long time obviously covid came along and it just like shot us years into the future when it comes to work from home but what we’re seeing that makes me feel like this is a general trend is we’re seeing that people don’t want to go back more and more people who are just continuing to work from home and more and more companies that are okay with that now as this happens we do see a lot of blogs popping up but what are they mostly focused on home office home office setups now that’s not a bad niche as long as you can get into the product review game which usually means getting your hands-on products setting up an epic home office and making content about that I’m not talking about that I’m talking about work from home there are so many other topics and issues around working from home that I think you could write about that are not very well served yet and this is a trend that’s only going to continue more and more going forward now I have to say every one of these niches so far and I’ve got a couple more to show you every one of these niches so far there are caveats there are things about them that make them not totally perfect and you could totally take the wrong approach that’s why on this channel we’re constantly making content about what makes for good topics for individual articles and how to write articles that are going to do really really well so I encourage you to continue watching those videos and for those of you in Project 24 that’s why weave that entire system as you go through search analysis you’re going to be able to identify find those topics that are underserved you can find them you can create content about them and you can rank extremely well so make sure that you’re following that system perfectly and those of you not in Project 24 I’m sorry you’re missing out you really are there’s a lot that we can’t cover on this channel in a step-by-step-step approach that’s what project 24 is for so with that our next Niche is outdoors now when we talk about high level topic that needs to be niche down that is the epitome of that but when I say Outdoors I’m saying take your pick there are so many different niches within Outdoors but in our experience they tend to do really well who would have thought that our website about campers would end up just being really big but it was now as you consider niching down and finding your exact area I want to make sure that you know what’s going to work really well I published a video just a few weeks ago that walks through how to make more money from your Niche and I walk through some specific criteria that I use to judge a specific Niche to determine whether not it’s going to be a good one for me I want to make sure that you see those steps and don’t skip those criteria because as you try to Niche down and find exactly what you want within the outdoors you’re going to find some of those topics are probably just going to be a little bit too small or aren’t going to work very well for you so


the next sort of group of niches is going to fall into what I consider things that people are sort of dissatisfied with when people are really dissatisfied with something big in their lives they’re going to want to look for a change and as they look for a change they’re usually going to search a lot on the web and so the first Niche for that is alternative education now alternative education covers a wide range of things and you can sort of pick the area where you want to focus but what we’re seeing today is for numerous reasons more and more and more people are not as happy with the traditional education model whether that’s public schooling and people not liking the way that government or the way that even their local governments or their local school boards are handling certain issues like covet that was a huge one here in the U.S in a lot of places but also people who just don’t love the way that the teaching is being done today and feel like their kids are either being indoctrinated too much or not enough but even outside of the public education model what about the secondary education model what about universities that become so overpriced that people can’t go to school without taking on a lifetime of debt and there are a ton of other professional jobs out there that really don’t require a four-year degree but they require certain specific skill sets there are alternative approaches to schooling into education today that I think are going to just get bigger and bigger and bigger in the future is that a trend I think we can take advantage of absolutely you could create really helpful content that responds to people’s search queries that they’re absolutely going to be making as they look for alternative options once they see what college is actually going to cost them which brings me to my next topic that people are generally a little bit dissatisfied with and that’s employment and income alternative employment and income has-been picking up like crazy especially as people went to work from home and now have realized that they prefer that model A lot of people are being required to go back to the office and a lot of people are realizing they don’t love that likewise a lot of people lost their jobs all of a sudden without warning that they thought were secure and now they’re realizing that’s not enough for me I at least need a side hustle there are a lot of great ways to make an income both online and offline and so creating content around ways to make an alternative income or creating content around alternative employment opportunities such as opportunities to work remotely in multiple jobs at the same time there are a lot of different opportunities available out there and I think those opportunities are only going to expand and so as people become more and more and more frustrated with the old model that’s no longer available totem which was work at the same company for your entire career and end up with a pension those days are basically over for almost all of us but we’re seeing companies that are very willing to turn over employees at the drop of a hat and employees that are completely willing to drop the company they’re working for as soon as the new opportunity comes along


now, these 10 ideas are by no means exhaustive there are literally thousands of different ideas that could all do really well these are just 10 examples of topics that I’m excited about and that are part of trends that I think are going to be going on for a long time.

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