8 PRANK WEBSITE FREE 2022! If you’re someone that enjoys pulling funny pranks on others, we’ve got 8 excellent websites you can use to fool your friends, family members, or co-workers that are pretty hilarious. Just be careful to not go too overboard with these pranks. The whole point is to just have a good laugh, albeit at someone else’s expense.

8 prank websites free 2022

8 prank website free 2022

Let’s get to it.


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No one likes having to wait for their operating system to update especially if they’re working on an important project on the website updatethaker.com it allows you to fake a system update to an unsuspecting friend family member or colleague that never finishes here’s how the prank works when the person is away from their computer open the browser and navigate to updatevaker.com pick the operating system that you want to fake we have five update themes to choose from including Windows 10 Windows 11 Mac OS X Windows XP and Windows 98. with this one I’ll go with Windows 10. to make the illusion complete hit the f11 key to make the web page full screen when the person comes back to their PC it’ll look like a system update has started because system updates should never be interrupted they’ll wait for it to finish and make them really concerned on the keyboard press enter or the space bar for a blue screen of death to end the prank press f11 to exit full screen mode if you are a truly devious person and want to freak somebody out if the person is on an Apple computer select one of the Windows updates or vice versa if they’re running a Windows PC choose the Mac OS X update that will surely confuse them.


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 If you want to fool people into thinking that you’re some kind of expert hacker like you see in TV shows and movies hacker typer is the website for you to begin the prank you should be in full-screen mode and start typing using any of the keys on your keyboard and the code will automatically appear making you look like a high-level hacker keep going until you have enough code on your screen at any time to enhance the experienced press the shift key three times and you’ll get access to nine or better yet press the ALT key three times on Windows or the option key on Mac to get access granted clicking on settings in the lower left lets you modify the color speed font size and the type of font used.


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Geektyper is a site that’s very similar to hacker typer to make people think you’re a hacking genius on geektyper they have more than 2 dozen themes you can choose from and it’s a quite bit more advanced after selecting a theme by tapping any of the keys will make the code appear pressing the tab key on your keyboard will show you all the hotkeys that can be used with each of the themes, for example, pressing the enter key once will bring up access denied and pressing the shift key once displays access granted they have other cool themes to try out including this one based on Mr. Robot TV show this one is based on the Fallout video games for fans of Resident Evil they call this one Umbrella Corporation and if you’re a fan of the TV show Lost you’ll want to check out the Dharma theme.


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 One of the funniest prank websites is called pranks spelled with an X in addition to the hacking and system update simulators that are very similar to the ones we’ve already covered they have a good variety of pranks you can choose from as well as some of the others include this fake FBI warning screen that pretends to lock an individual out of their device this is what makes a person think that they have a cracked monitor pressing enter on your keyboard on the fake disk formatting prank makes somebody think they’ll lose all their data and if you’re the vicious type there’s the fake ransomware screen for you to choose be careful not to use this one in your workplace especially if you’re thinking of playing a prank on your it department.


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The Google terminal was designed to show what Google search might have looked like in the early 1980s the site can be used in fooling people into thinking this is what Google looked like back in the day as a prank if you know someone that has Google as their home page in their browser copy the link from the description of this video go into the settings of their browser and paste it as their new home page staying true to the early 80s theme the mouse cursor won’t work you’ll have to use your keyboard for all queries thank you.


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Fart scroll which was released by the popular fake news site the onion plays nasty-sounding fart noises as someone Scrolls a web page for a web developer you can paste the code into your site to prank everyone that visits your site I don’t recommend doing this better yet if you know someone, especially a co-worker who uses Chrome or some other chromium-based browser there’s an extension available from the Chrome web store that you can install on their browser here’s a short example of it in action as I scroll the web page foreign.


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The name of the website ship your enemies glitter says about all you would need to know it’s just a fun harmless gag gift you could also send it to a friend as a prank but don’t be surprised if they don’t invite you to any functions in the future the descriptions of their products are hilarious the most popular product costs around ten dollars with add-ons available if your so-called friend ends up hating you for this then that means they have no sense of humor and is probably a friend you wouldn’t want anyways.


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Now for a couple of websites, people normally think of as being useful that also have fun ideas for pranks and instructions the first of which is Instructables some of the most popular on this site include the sponge brownie prank portable milk splatter and who could resist the head in the jar prank the other site for prank ideas and instructions is wikiHow some of these I’d highly advise against doing especially the two at the top whenever you’re thinking about doing a prank just use some common sense thanks for reading if you enjoyed this article give it a thumbs up and share with others what funny prank sites do you know of not mentioned let us know about them in the comments.

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